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Classical Guitar Alive! (Series)

Produced by Tony Morris

Most recent piece in this series:

18-33 Old & New Music & 3 Premieres, Interviews: Anibal Acosta, Christopher Berg, Terry Muska

From Tony Morris | Part of the Classical Guitar Alive! series | 59:26


FR: Tony Morris

DT: August 15, 2018

RE: ***** CLASSICAL GUITAR ALIVE!   18-33 Old & New Music & 3 Premieres, Interviews: Anibal Acosta, Christopher Berg, Terry Muska


Program Length:58:57


In Cue: MUSIC IN “Hello and welcome to…”

Out Cue: “…another edition of Classical Guitar Alive!”




  Bizet: Carmen Suite: Prelude  Los Romeros, guitar quartet

                                               (Philips 412-609)


Interview: Christopher Berg: “A lot of the Weiss suites do not have preludes, but it’s clear that the lutenist would just improvise them…  … logic and organization to them.”


Silvius Leopold Weiss: Suite in F: Prelude     Christopher Berg, lute

                                       (live recording)


  Johann Sigismund Weiss: Concerto in d minor    Heiki Matlik, guitar

                                                                              Olga Voronova, violin

                                                                              Sigrid Kuulmann-Martin, violin

                                                                               Peeter Klass, gamba

                                                                               Ivo Sillamaa, cembalo

                                             (Iloprint Klassika Raadio-Estonia)


  Tarrega: Capricho Arabe          Maria Cortes, guitar

                                              (live recording, 1982 Madrid)


 Michael Daugherty: Bay of Pigs    Manuel Barrueco, guitar

                                                       Cuarteto LatinoAmerica

(Tonar Music 820360134920)


Interview: Terry Muska: “As far as having a piece dedicated to trumpet and guitar, I knew this was going to be something definitely unique and probably special, and I think it tuned out to be… “  “ … it was great.”


  Peter Carey: Duo for Muted Trumpet & Guitar    Andrew Gignac, trumpet

                                                                               Terry Muska, guitar

                                    (Peter Carey 2008)


 Interview: Anibal Acosta: “I don’t know if you want to put that on the radio, Tony. That’s a spooky story. Every guitar player will have nightmares after that. I must have been seven years old at a birthday party…  … otherwise I wouldn’t be a guitar player.”


Acosta: Danza de los Bufones                            Jeryl Burnette, flute

                                                                             Anibal Acosta, guitar

                           (live recording)





This week’s edition of CLASSICAL GUITAR ALIVE! features live performances and recordings of both old and new music from the Baroque to present-day, with three world premieres and interviews with lutenist Christopher Berg, guitarist Terry Muska, and guitarist-composer Anibal Acosta.


The program begins with an interview with lutenist Christopher Berg, who discusses music of Baroque lutenist Silvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750), and how the preludes to his suites differ from lute suites of J.S. Bach (1685-1750).


Although not as well-known as his older brother Silvius Leopold Weiss, Johann Sigismund Weiss (1690-1737) was also a court lutenist. Estonian guitarist Heiki Matlik performs his guitar transcription of JS Weiss’s lute concerto in d minor with members from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.


The program continues with a 1982 live recording of Tarrega’s “Capricho Arabe” by Maria Cortes, guitar professor at the Conservatory Federico Moreno Torroba in Madrid.


American composer Michael Daugherty is known for combining elements of popular culture and music in his works. This is also true of his Guitar Quintet, “Bay of Pigs”, which quotes music of Jimi Hendrix. The composer describes the work as a three movement elegy to Cuba past and present.


Commissioned by trumpeter Andrew Gignac in 2008, Peter Carey’s “Duo for Muted Trumpet and Guitar” is perhaps one of the rarest and unusual duo combinations with guitar. Guitarist Terry Muska discusses the genesis of the commission of the work.


The program concludes with an interview with award-winning guitarist-composer Dr. Anibal Acosta, Jr., who relates a harrowing story of how his left hand middle finger was completely cut off in a childhood accident, but was re-attached by his surgeon father, Dr. Anibal Acosta, Sr., the latter of whom went on to become famous as one of the original team of doctors which produced the world’s human in vitro fertilization.


Anibal Acosta Jr.’s “Danza de los Bufones”, (Dance of the Buffoons”) is performed by the composer on a live recording with flutist Jeryl Burnette.


CLASSICAL GUITAR ALIVE! celebrates 20 years of national distribution, airing each week on over 200 stations, and is free to all stations. FUNDRAISER EDITION is available here, no carriage fee: http://www.prx.org/pieces/187790-fundraiser-editio CGA! is a winner at PRX's 13th Annual Zeitfunk Awards: #1 Most Licensed Producer, and #2 Most Licensed Series