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Playlist: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow- Phil Mariage's Favorites

Compiled By: Phil Mariage

Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock Credit:
Phil Mariage - KUAR Little Rock

The only program dedicated to the preservation of comparative generational thought.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (Series)

Produced by Phil Mariage

Most recent piece in this series:

Unemployment Revisit from 2010

From Phil Mariage | Part of the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow series | 51:25


Our program this evening is a rebroadcast of one of our 2010 topics. Why, you ask. For at least a couple of months, I do not want to ask my guests to be here in our small, but nice, studio...while we are trying to consider social distancing in light of the covid 19 pandemic. So much has happened in just the short time past, that all our lives have been upended. In the history of our program over the last 20 years we have covered more than 270 separate topics. All from generational perspectives. From that archive, we have often discussed, what turns out to be, current day imperatives. So we can meld those earlier thoughts and perspectives with our current time.

This evenings topic was first recorded in January of 2010, just as we were trying to recover from the 2008 financial meltdown. Already we have had over 3 million workers added to the unemployment rolls. I think you will find this 2010 discussion on Unemployment very relevant to our current time.

Here, then, is our 2010 program on unemployment YTT.