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Chasing Love

From Miguel Macias | 59:46

A poetic and creative exploration of the notion of romantic love, and the way it drives lives and societies.

Chlove_small Chasing Love started as a meticulous look at the arrival and evolution of the idea of Romantic Love in Western society. But since the very beginning, I felt attracted by the connection that Octavio Paz establishes between capitalism and Romantic Love. During over 80 hours of interviews, I asked questions having to do with psychology, anthropology, biology, linguistics, history and philosophy. Chasing Love is a one-hour audio documentary that explores the ways late capitalism has affected and is affecting the idea of Romantic Love and consequently, the way relationships are handled and viewed in American society. In the three years it took to produce this documentary I explored the field of computer music, video art, radio drama and try to mix them all together. The results are contained in Chasing Love. Chasing Love proposes a way of conceiving a piece as a whole, where music is composed as the bits of interviews are blended together, where secrets are told behind words of narration. Where the producer is nowhere to be found and present in every second of it.

My Prostate Diaries

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Hearing Voices series | 54:00

A Slight Discomfort


You don't want to think about prostate problems. What man over 50 would? Jeff Metcalf certainly didn't; until the diagnoses in 2004: prostate cancer. That's when Metcalf, an English professor at the University of Utah, began keeping a journal. His diaries have become a popular stage-play. Our radio version was produced by Larry Massett, recorded by Scott Carrier,  and performed by Paul Kiernan. Music by Parazitii.