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The current programming available from Creative PRX that is available on PRX.

Ozark Highlands Radio (Series)

Produced by Ozark Highlands Radio

Most recent piece in this series:

OHR187: OHR Presents: Railyard Live - Front Porch, 10/9/2023

From Ozark Highlands Radio | Part of the Ozark Highlands Radio series | 58:59

Front_porch_2023_prx_small Ozark Highlands Radio is a weekly radio program that features live music and interviews recorded at Ozark Folk Center State Park’s beautiful 1,000-seat auditorium in Mountain View, Arkansas.  In addition to the music, our “Feature Host” segments take listeners through the Ozark hills with historians, authors, and personalities who explore the people, stories, and history of the Ozark region.

This week, a special road trip episode.  OHR visits Rogers, Arkansas’ Railyard Live Concert Series featuring Eureka Springs hard-driving folk quartet, Front Porch, recorded live at Butterfield Stage in Railyard Park in historic downtown Rogers.  Also, commentary from Rogers Arts & Culture Coordinator Kinya Christian on the exciting things happening in the Rogers Entertainment District.

Rogers, Arkansas’ Railyard Live Concert Series began in 2021.  Held on the city’s Butterfield Stage next to Railyard Park in historic downtown Rogers, it features live concerts every weekend throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  All of the Railyard Live events are either free to the public or at very low cost of admission.  The concert series features a wide array of musical styles and interests designed to appeal to the diverse population of Rogers and invite them to experience the newly revitalized Railyard Entertainment District.  The Ozark Folk Center State Park and the City of Rogers, Arkansas partnered to bring Ozark Highlands Radio to capture a little slice of this modern Ozark culture.

Front Porch is a hard driving four piece folk ensemble.  Self described as “contemporary bluegrass, old time and mayhem from Northwest Arkansas,” the band is based in Eureka Springs.  Front Porch is Petey Wesley on banjo & fiddle, John Henry Holthus on guitar, Alex Hawf on mandolin, and Cameron Keeling rounding out the low end with upright bass.  In true bluegrass fashion, all the guys in the band sing, but that’s where the traditional ends.  Front Porch performs with all the usual ingredients of bluegrass and folk but bakes them up into a post-punk old-time acid jazz barn-burning bluegrass fusion that will have you jumping.

In this week’s “From the Vault” segment, OHR producer Jeff Glover offers a 1981 archival recording of Ozark original Uncle Floyd Holland performing the tune “Nellie Gray,” from the Ozark Folk Center State Park archives.

In this week’s guest host segment, renowned traditional folk musician, writer, and step dancer Aubrey Atwater explores variations of the traditional folk song “Polly Put the Kettle On.”

The Children's Hour (Series)

Produced by The Children's Hour Inc.

Most recent piece in this series:

Kids Global Music

From The Children's Hour Inc. | Part of the The Children's Hour series | 58:00


Get into the world groove with The Children’s Hour as we explore global music for kids. We hear some radio debuts of songs that teach, inspire, and entertain, performed by musicians from around the world. Join us for a musical exploration of world music for kids!

Music around the world inspires, educates and gets our bodies moving. We hear many songs illustrating the diversity of global music, including a lullaby out of Ukrainian quartet, DakhaBrakha. 
The United States Poet Laureate of 2019 - 2022, Joy Harjo, the first Indigenous American to hold that position. Not only is she an amazing poet, she is also an accomplished musician. Hear her perform her poem Remember with world renowned oud master, Rahim AlHaj, an Iraqi refugee living in New Mexico.
We also get captivated by the bizarre sounds of the mouth harp, as performed by a Mongolian folk band, and then we hear a traditional Tuvan song demonstrating the haunting, whistling of overtone singing.
There is a lot more music on this show highlighting children's musicians, kid performers, and music to inspire children to learn more about our world and the amazing people who live on this planet. Celebrate Kids Global Music with us on The Children's Hour!

This episode was written and produced by Katie Stone, with help from our Senior Producer, Christina Stella. Many thanks to the musicians who share their work with us to help educate children about diversity, culture, and celebrate our differences.
© 2023 The Children's Hour Inc.

Sound Beat (Series)

Produced by James O'Connor

Most recent piece in this series:

October 2023 Episodes

From James O'Connor | Part of the Sound Beat series | 33:01

Sb_halloween_small Sound Beat episodes for the month of October 2023

Top of Mind with Julie Rose (Series)

Produced by BYUradio/KUMT/KBYU-FM

Most recent piece in this series:

Top of Mind - Owning a Home is the American Dream. At What Cost?

From BYUradio/KUMT/KBYU-FM | Part of the Top of Mind with Julie Rose series | 52:50


Owning a home is the American Dream. It's the ultimate symbol of a successful adulthood and the best way to build wealth in this country. Why should you pay rent to someone else when you can build equity for yourself, right? Not all countries prioritize buying a house, though; take Germany, where renting is much more common. How has the decision to prioritize homeownership in the US shaped our communities, for better or worse? And is that wealth-building mechanism really accessible to everyone who works hard and plays their cards right?
Podcast Guests: 
Kelly Phillips Erb, Philadelphia-based tax lawyer and Forbes columnist aka “The Tax Girl”
Feli from Germany, YouTuber and podcaster from Munich, Germany 
Lisa Rice, President and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance 
Jenny Schuetz, Senior Fellow at Brookings Metro, author of “Fixer-Upper: How to Repair America’s Broken Housing Systems”
**This episode is part of Season 4 on Top of Mind: Assessing Assumptions. Could the systems we've built to keep our communities safe and thriving work better if we weren't so set in our ways?   

The Apple Seed (Series)

Produced by BYUradio/KUMT/KBYU-FM

Most recent piece in this series:

An Hour of Storytelling - Stories of Grace and Strength and Mamma's Coat

From BYUradio/KUMT/KBYU-FM | Part of the The Apple Seed series | 52:53

Aps-new_prx_logo_small Antonio Sacre and Dolores Hydock share stories recorded live in the Apple Seed Studio.

(2:01) "Nina's Rainbow" by Antonio Sacre about struggling as a parent with fighting children and stopping to create a little magic.
(10:08) "Becoming Mrs. Nash" by Dolores Hydock about a generous neighbor and about aging beautifully.

Great stories can change your world. Subscribe to The Apple Seed Hosted hosted by storyteller Sam Payne. A production of BYUradio.

The hilarious personal story "Mamma's Coat" by Barbarba McBride Smith and a historical/ghost story "The Chain of Memories" by Liz Weir.

Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical (Subscribable Series) (Series)

Produced by Footlight Parade

Most recent piece in this series:

FP2352: Footlight Parade: A Tribute to Cy Coleman, 12/25/2023

From Footlight Parade | Part of the Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical (Subscribable Series) series | 56:52

Fp2352_small "A Tribute to Cy Coleman" -- Music poured out of this man, and in this hour we will sample 50 years of it, including selections from "Sweet Charity," "On the Twentieth Century," "Wildcat," "City of Angels" and more, with stars including Gwen Verdon, Lucille Ball, Madeline Kahn and John Cullum.

With Good Reason: Weekly Hour Long Episodes (Series)

Produced by With Good Reason

Most recent piece in this series:

I've Endured (hour/no bb or bed)

From With Good Reason | Part of the With Good Reason: Weekly Hour Long Episodes series | 52:00


Old time music is a way of communication. A way to welcome rain after a drought or shoo a cold. Many men took it on the road. But the women stayed home. Rene Rodgers and Toni Doman (Birthplace of Country Music Museum) give us a taste of women musicians from Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn, to Cathy Fink and Amythyst Kiah.  

Later in the show: 2022 Virginia Folklife mentor artist Elizabeth LaPrelle keeping the centuries old tradition of Appalachian ballad singing alive. Plus: Nationally renowned guitar and ukulele maker Jayne Henderson describes the art and joy of crafting these prized instruments.