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Playlist: Planetary Radio

Compiled By: Bruce Kives

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Planetary Radio (Series)

Produced by Mat Kaplan

Most recent piece in this series:

Chasing New Horizons to Pluto with Alan Stern

From Mat Kaplan | Part of the Planetary Radio series | 28:50


The New Horizons mission was a triumph, revealing Pluto as an utterly unique and beautiful world.  The entire, surprisingly dramatic tale has now been told by Principal Investigator Alan Stern and his co-author, astrobiologist David Grinspoon.  They join Mat Kaplan to talk about their book, Chasing New Horizons—Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto.  You’ll hear how a catastrophe was narrowly avoided barely a week before the spacecraft reached its destination.  A signed copy of the book will go to the winner of this episode’s space trivia contest.  Emily Lakdawalla has returned from an international gathering of Mercury scientists with a special report.