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Playlist: Food Sleuth Radio

Compiled By: Farhang Payvar

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Food Sleuth Radio (Series)

Produced by Dan Hemmelgarn

Most recent piece in this series:

Food Sleuth Radio, Iris Figueroa Interview

From Dan Hemmelgarn | Part of the Food Sleuth Radio series | 28:00

Food_sleuth_on_kopn_small Did you know that U.S. citizens largely depend on immigrant labor to harvest and process our food? Join Food Sleuth Radio host and Registered Dietitian, Melinda Hemmelgarn, for her interview with Iris Figueroa, staff attorney for Farmworker Justice, a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower migrant and seasonal farmworkers to improve their living and working conditions. Figueroa discusses farm labor statistics, working conditions, immigration policies, health and safety, and access to justice.  Also mentioned: the CHAMACOS study’s evaluation of health risks to farmworker children: https://cerch.berkeley.edu/research-programs/chamacos-study  and particular risk from the pesticide, chlorpyrifos.