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Compiled By: Tom Langley

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A Halloween Happening

From Joe Bevilacqua | Part of the Joe Bevilacqua Radio Theater series | 58:41

A Holiday Themed Radio Play by Daws Butler

Halloween_small While en route to a Halloween party, during a thunder storm, Herman and Beulah Tompkins are side tracked by a congress of mischievous trolls. This holiday themed radio play was written by Daws Butler (the voice of Yogi Bear) and produced and directed by Joe Bevilacqua. Cast: Herman Tompkins: William Mellilo Beulah Tompkins: Cathi Tully Martin: James Cronin Clarissa: Suzanne Gilbert Wilfred Graves: Joe Bevilacqua Lester Brindley: Joe Bevilacqua Hester Brindley: Joe Bevilacqua Fifi the poodle: Joe Bevilacqua The hour ends with a spooky monologue, "Love the Worthy," written by Daws Butler, and produced, directed and performed by Joe Bevilacqua.

Lost & Found Sound (Series)

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters

Most recent piece in this series:

Introduction to Lost & Found Sound

From The Kitchen Sisters | Part of the Lost & Found Sound series | 13:11

L_fsound_logo_blue-copy_small On January 1, 1999 we began a series on sounds of the century called Lost & Found Sound, a national collaboration of radio producers, artists, sound collectors, and public radio listeners. Sounds were recorded throughout the 20th century, and during the final year of the century we brought those sounds to NPR’s All Things Considered: archival sounds, tape from people's attics and basements, lost sounds, the voices of family, of people at work, at play, growing up, growing old, at war, sounds of indelible historic moments, and of the everyday. This first story in the series is a sampling through the decades: sounds of presidents, of fishmongers, of telephone answering machines, public address systems, and more.

Stories from the World Vision Report (Series)

Produced by World Vision Report

Most recent piece in this series:

Queen's Trek

From World Vision Report | Part of the Stories from the World Vision Report series | 06:00

If you air this piece, please include a back announce saying "This piece originally aired on the World Vision Report." or "This piece came to us from the World Vision Report."