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Playlist: CBC Radio's Outfront

Compiled By: Tom Langley

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CBC Radio's Outfront (Series)

Produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Most recent piece in this series:

Small Town Life

From Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | Part of the CBC Radio's Outfront series | 53:29


The Rookie and the Veteran produced by Gillian Rutherford & Carma Jolly

Two Mounties, two different views of policing. Constable Alex Smith started his R-C-M-P training just one week after four officers were murdered in Mayerthorpe, Alberta. Then he landed his first posting - in rural Alberta at the Lac la Biche detachment, the hometown of one the slain officers. Meanwhile, his superviser, Staff-Sergeant Colin White has been on the force for 25 years.

Falling for Niagara produced by Kent Hoffman

Niagara Falls was once known as the honeymoon capital of the world, which inspired Oscar Wilde to call it "the second greatest disappointment" of married life.

So what's it like to grow up in Niagara Falls? Sarah Armenia always felt a bit embarrassed that one of the natural wonders of the world was overshadowed by tacky tourist attractions. Sarah returns to the Falls to see if she can finally separate the candy-floss tackiness from what she actually wants to call home.

Goodbye Glenavon produced by Sean Prpick & Neil Sandell
Nichole Huck grew up in the village of Glenavon, Saskatchewan.

Though she now lives in the city of Regina, her home town is alive and well in her heart. So when she hears that the only local school is closing, what else can she do but see it one last time.

Hallway Confidential produced by Carma Jolly, Jean Kim & Neil Sandell

Listen in on what's going on in the lives of some of the students of Stayner Collegiate High School.

Michael Morrey says there isn't much to do in a small town - he plays guitar, plays sports - and breaks windows. Vandalism isn't something he plans to do forever. Why does he feel compelled to do it in the first place?

The Chubs produced by Lindsay Michael

We visit a teen band called The Chubs in Plamondon, Alberta. It’s not easy playing alternative rock in a land where country is king.