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Playlist: Teresa Goff

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In So Many Words

From Teresa Goff | 19:30

A story about a father and daughter . It is about loss, hope and humility.

Teresa_steve_small In So Many Words is a 20-minute documentary that aired nationally on CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition on December 15, 2002. It is a moving story about a father and daughter, stroke, aphasia, loss, and hope. It informs people about aphasia: what it is, what it can steal away, the importance of a communication partner, and how the challenges presented by aphasia can lead to surprising personal growth. It effectively portrays one family's response to aphasia. In So Many Words promotes an understanding of the many dimensions of aphasia: the language impairment, the emotional impact on the stroke survivor and on family members, the need for communication partners who understand aphasia, and the importance of community-based programs to support the needs of people living with aphasia.