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Playlist: Equal Time with Martha Burk

Compiled By: Tom Langley

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Roe v. Wade at 39/ Where Women Stand in 2012

From KSFR | Part of the Equal Time with Martha Burk series | 56:48

Equal Time series host Martha Burk interviews Sarah Weddington, who successfully argued the Roe v. Wade case legalizing abortion in the United States on the 39th anniversary of the decision, and Terry O'Neill, President of the National Organization for Women in Washington, D.C. on where women stand in 2012.

Weddington-s_small Sarah Weddington discusses what it was like to argue one of the landmark Supreme Court cases of the 20th century as a 27 year old lawyer.  Few women appeared before the Court, which was all male. She actually had to argue the case twice, and won both times.  Weddington talks about the political landscape at the time, when abortion was illegal and many women died from illegal procedures.  She also addresses the current Court and what may happen to women's rights in future decisions.

Terry O'Neill discusses women's setbacks and progress during the Obama Administration, how the political winds are blowing for 2012, and what women, men, and families should be concerned about. Topics include the economy, child care, equal pay and wage erosion, birth control, and reproductive rights.

Full version includes both interviews, divided into 4 segments (2 x 30 sec. breaks midway in each half, 2 x 30 sec at bottom of hour).  See detail in Timing and Cues.

Separate modules are Weddington Module (2 x 30 sec breaks midway) and and O'Neill Module ( 2 x 30 sec midway).  See detail in Timing and Cues.