First, when a writer researching a haunted house is warned to beware of the murderer who once lived there, he never thinks to look for danger inside his own tape recorded notes.  The IBRT's Jeffrey Adams stars in the terrifying six-minute short, 'Background', honored with an honorable mention by the Ogle Awards for excellence in Fantasy and Horror Audio.
Next, a story from the frozen world of Northern Minnesota.  When a man goes to his fishing shack, unaware of the winter storm bearing down on him, it will take all of his strength and super natural forces to save him from 'The Thing on the Ice'.  This full-legnth tale of terror was the IBRT's top rated show of 2009.
And to top things off, with Halloween nearly over, Christmas cannot be far behind.  So we thought it fitting to wrap up our night of chills with the Ogle Award winning short, 'Up on the Rooftops which simply must be heard to be believed.
Altogether, this special runs a tight 54 minutes, and is designed for those chill-loving listeners looking to add some real scares to their Halloween.  Perfect for airing after the Trick-or-Treaters go to bed, or even - dare we suggest it - At Midnight!
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