Bobby_sanchez_600_small This week on Indigenous in Music with Larry K, tonight our guest comes to us from El Paso, Texas.  Bobby Sanchez is in the house.  Singer, performer and poet.  She has been enjoying the success from her 1st EP “Eta” along with the release of new singles to add to her total music package.”  Bobby is featured in the current issue of the SAY Magazine, read all about her and hear our interview on our music page

Also music from Bobby Sanchezl, Q052, STOiK, Shon Denay, Dawn Avery, Jayli Wolf, Nortec Collective, Beatrice Deer, Latin Vibe, Night Shield, Issac Murdoch, Matt Epp, Julian Taylor, Big City Indians, Bluedog, Indian City, Adrian Sutherland, The North Sound, Electric Religious, Aocelyn, Joey Stylez, Carsen Gray, Nancy Sanchez, Elastic Bond, Angel Baribeau, Redbone, 1915, Quantum Tangle, Richie Ledreagle and much much more.

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