Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K. This week Larry welcomes our guest back from the White Earth Nation in Minnesota, Rap n Roll extraordinaire Mr. Justinsayne N8V is in the house.  He's currently promoting his new reality show on RiseupTv and has just dropped us a new single "Head in Sand."  Here his music on Spotify and read all about him on our music page at www.indigenousinmusic.com/justinsayne-interview-2.
Music from Justinsayne N8V, QVLN, Midnight Sparrows, Electric Religious, Soda Stereo, Jota Quest, Julian Tayor, Angel Baribeau, Latin Vibe, Nadjiwan, John Mcleod, Myles Goodwyn, Matiu, Def-i, MC Optimal, Leonard Sumner, Rellik, Nathan Cunningham, Tracy Lee Nelson, Dustin Harder, Mike Paul, Carlos Sadness, Bomba Estereo, Janet Panic, Boogey the Beat, Alan Syliboy & the Thundermakers, Eagle & Hawk, Shawn Michael Perry, STOIK and much much more. 
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