Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K.  This week Larry welcomes our guests from Winnipeg, Manitoba, husband and wife duo Nadia and Jason Burnstick. They currently hold the title for “Single of the Year at this years Canadian Folk Music Awards for their new album “Kiyanaw.”  Read all about Burnstick in our SAY Magazine feature on our homepage at
Music from Burnstick, Janet Panic, Laura Niquay, Kiawentiio, Eadse, G Precious, Natalia Clavier, Tita, Campo, Latin Vibe, Iceis Rain, Tracy Lee Nelson, Janel Munoa, 1915, Mike Bern, Los Buenos Modales, XAXO, Nancy Sanchez, Ailaika, Digging Roots, Chris Ferree, Damian Quinones, Dakota Bear, Latin Vibe, Julian Taylor, The Deeds, Lanita Large, Desiree Dorion and much much more.
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