Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K.  Tonight we have in the house  from the Mohawk Nation, Kiawentiio, she’s a singer, songwriter and actress, and has just released her newest album “In my Head.”   She’ll be in our spotlight to tell us all about it.  Kiawentiio is featured in our current issue of the SAY Magazine, visit her on our page at  
Also music from Kiawentiio, Samantha Crain, Chances, Indian City, 1915, Jace Martin, Mexican Institute of Sound, Nancy Sanchez, De Madrudada,  Shon Denay, Dawn Avery, Robbie Robertson, Cary Morin, Pura Fe, Burnstick, Julian Taylor, Don Amero, Tracy Bone, Sean Hogan, Robert Mirabal, Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers, Quantum Tangle, Lydia Kepinski, Eadse, CJAY GRIZ & EarthChild, The Spiritual Warriors, Young Medicine, Thana Redhawk and much much more. 
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