Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K.  Tonight we have in the house CJAY GRIZ and EarthChild, 2 of Canada's top Indigenous Hip Hop performers.  They have just released their first collaboration of beat mixes and they call it “Indian Time.” They’ll both be stopping by to tell us about their new album “Indian Time.”  CJAY and EarthChild are featured in our current issue of the SAY Magazine, visit them on our page at http://indigenousinmusic.com/cjay-griz-and-earthchild-interview.  
Also music from CJAY GRIZ & EarthChild, Blue Flamez, Elastic Bond, Iceis Rain, Michel Franti & Spearhead, Julian Taylor, Shawnee Kish, Chancha Via Circuito, Bobby Sanchez, Gina Loring, Joy Harjo, Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers, Khu.eex, Angel Baribeau, Anachnid, Angela Lazon, Nancy Sanchez, Mahihkan Music, Ghostkeeper, Axel Krygier, Indian City, nehiyawak, Soda Stereo, Electric Religious, Midnight Shine, Kiawentiio, Buggin Malone, Def-i, Ariano, Ami Kim and much much more. 
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