Host Rich Reardin talks with singer/songwriters, and husband and wife duo Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield about their lives and music.

FORT MYERS, FL -- Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Roy Schneider has been touring and performing full-time with musical partner Kim Mayfield since 2008. The duo is slowly working toward a new band name, with a collection of original songs on what will become an eponymous title, Reckless Saints. Released November 2, the 11-track album features songs by both Schneider and Mayfield. The sole cover on the album was written by the late folk-singer, Blaze Foley entitled “Election Day” and with midterm elections just four days after this album’s release, the title seemed appropriate. Their gritty version features Blaze’s close friend and co-conspirator, Gurf Morlix, on lead guitar and contributing vocals. 

Morlix says of them, “Their ‘Blue Twangled Folk ‘n’ Roll’ sound rides like a V8, firing on all cylinders.”

Along with Morlix, Reckless Saints features other specials guests including some stellar harmonica by GRAMMY-winner and Country Music Hall-of-Famer, Charlie McCoy, and great bass lines from Freebo [Bonnie Raitt] on the song “Walkin’ on a Wire.” Freebo also plays bass on the energetic kickoff for the record, “Jump In,” a fast-paced “day-in-the-life” of the duo as full-time traveling musicians.

This truly is a wonderful record. It is one of the finest singer/songwriter records to come across my mastering desk in a long time!" says esteemed producer, songwriter, and engineer, Mark Hallman [Carole King, Ani DiFranco and Eliza Gilkyson]. Self-produced, Reckless Saints was mostly recorded at Schneider’s studio, Shiny Gnu Records, in Fort Myers, FL.

Roy began playing and writing songs as a seventeen year old while recovering from a horrific, year-long incarceration in 1985 at the now defunct Straight, Inc. “No freedom, no dignity and no way to contact anyone, nobody even knows where you are,” says Schneider, “I didn't talk about my experience at Straight for 30 years, I'm ready now.” “Angels Along the Road” tells the true story of his hard-knock survival. 

Elmore Magazine’s Peter Lindblad calls the song, “a dramatic tale of survival with a brisk gait and a rolling topography of twirling mandolin and acoustic guitar strum that only serves to enhance Schneider’s gripping storytelling. Steve Earle couldn’t have done it better, and like the rest of Reckless Saints, the song’s well-oiled gears of traditional instrumentation turn with the precision of a fine clock.”

The experience has influenced his songwriting in surprising ways, resulting in a generally positive outlook in his lyrics, and gratitude for those who gave him shelter or other support after his escape from the facility. He’s been honing his craft ever since, and was making his living playing music when he met Kim Mayfield in 2003. Kim brought harmony vocals, and accompaniment on rhythm guitar, mandolin, and keyboard, as well as the idea to take the music on the road.

On Reckless Saints, Mayfield takes the lead on vocals on the haunting and contemplative “If I Die Tomorrow” and her harmonies with Schneider on “Poison Arrow” tug on the listeners heartstrings. Mayfield also sings lead on the two songs that she penned: the pensive ballad “Ring Around The Moon” and “Buddha Baby,” the story of her adopted baby boy.

Other tracks on the album include the Dylan-inspired, “Subjugated Love,” which is a fun little ditty about love gone wrong, “Runaway Train,” a song that addresses the frustrations and lack of peace of mind resulting from living in a society that - were it a train – might appear to be running rapidly off the rails without a knowledgeable engineer, and “After The Storm,” written in the aftermath of hurricane Irma in September 2017, touching on the coming-together of neighbors and friends in challenging times.

Schneider and Mayfield are excited to bring Reckless Saints into the world... Jump In and hang on!

Musical selections include: Runaway Train, Poison Arrow, Simon Says, Walkin' on a Wire, The Stumbleville Strut, 
Soldiers Joy 1864, There Ain't No Easy Way

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