Larry_w_jones1_small Larry W Jones, aka Kingwood Kowboy , has authored over 6,600 song lyrics. His "Real Country Lyrics" series, performed by various professioanl artists, showcase the roots of classic and vintage country, cowboy and western songs.

"Kingwood Kowboy's Country Songs: Part 3" is EVERGREEN and can be broadcast anytime.

Songs include: The Last Cowboy Waltz, The Prairie Wind, Driving Along The Wrong Back Road, Our Love's Just Another Honky Tonk Song, Golden Hawaiian Moonlight, Under Honolulu Moon, My Hiking Boots, Waltz of the Broken Hearted, I Cannot Repair Your Broken Heart, Up On A Mountain, Back Home On The Backroads Of My Mind, This Old Fool Ain't No Fool Anymore, High Wagon Road.

This program and narration written, arranged and produced by Rich Reardin, executive producer at
(Cr2)3 Media.