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For one energetic hour each weekday, Here & Now combines the best in news journalism with intelligent, broad-ranging conversation to form a fast-paced program that updates the news from the morning and adds important conversations on public policy and foreign affairs, science and technology, and the arts: film, theater, music, food, and more. The guest roster boasts such notables as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam, professor Anita Hill, actor and director John Malkovich, authors Isabel Allende, Jonathan Safron Foer, Marilyn Robinson, The Wall Street Journal's John Harwood, jazzman Sonny Rollins, and actress Jane Fonda. Distributed by PRI


If your piece is purchased by Here and Now, you will receive royalties in the form of:
$200.00 flat fee


You agree to license your piece to Here and Now for national broadcast/simulcast and inclusion in the Here and Now podcast of the full show. Here and Now may need to edit your piece for length, and agrees to contact producers if any editing is needed.