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Foreign Network


Radio New Zealand provides listeners with exciting and independent radio programmes.


If your piece is purchased by Radio New Zealand, you will receive royalties in the form of:
$200.00 flat fee


Radio New Zealand wishes to acquire the rights to unlimited Public Radio Broadcast within New Zealand of the programme for one year from first Broadcast. Broadcast is to "communicate" the programme containing live and recorded music and spoken content as a free to air public service radio broadcast. Programmes would also be made available as a live stream on our website.

Radio New Zealand reserves the right to make minor edits to the programme to meet reasonable scheduling and timing requirements and to remove mention of media partners, funding or other commercial content that may not be pertinent to the programme, and to copy and archive the programme for internal technical purposes (the programme will NOT be available to the public for on-demand download).

Radio New Zealand may use excerpts from the programme to publicise and promote the Broadcast.
The Licensor shall provide a music content report listing the title of song(s), the name of the artist(s), the owner of the master tape(s) [label], and the publisher(s), of any commercial recordings. These details will be utilised in the terms of Radio New Zealand's licenses to Broadcast.

Copyright on Works made in Overseas Countries
The New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 extends to the nationals of countries who are parties to the international copyright conventions. As a result the works of authors/composers in most countries of the world have their works protected in New Zealand under the New Zealand Copyright Act as if the relevant work had been produced in New Zealand.

Control of Overseas Works
APRA (The Australasian Performing Right Association) controls the music which members assign to it within New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific area and the musical works written by members of all the other collection societies around the world e.g., PRS (Performing Rights Society) of the United Kingdom and ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) of the United States. An agreement exists between Radio New Zealand and APRA whereby for an annual payment RNZ is able to "communicate" (broadcast and make available on the internet) "live" and recorded music as a free to air public service broadcaster and via our website as streaming and audio on demand.
PPNZ (Phonographic Performances New Zealand) administers the rights of local and international record labels and producers within the New Zealand territory. PPNZ licenses the broadcast of all sound recordings, made or supplied by all members and labels controlled by them. An agreement exists between Radio New Zealand and PPNZ whereby for payment by RNZ of an agreed percentage of gross income, a licence is granted to "communicate" (broadcast and make available on the internet) "live" and recorded music as a free to air public service broadcaster and via our website as streaming.

Note From PRX: This agreement is between Radio New Zealand and you, the producer, and is also governed by the PRX Terms of Use http://www.prx.org/terms-of-use.