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YouthCast features a new youth-produced piece each week from Generation PRX - a project that connects youth radio producers and brings youth voices to public radio and beyond via the Public Radio Exchange. If you decide to opt in to this agreement, you will receive a flat rate of 75.00 per license.


If your piece is purchased by YouthCast, you will receive royalties in the form of:
$75.00 flat fee


YOUTHCAST license agreement

By opting in to have your piece(s) (which is described as "Works" in the agreement) licensed for use by this Podcast you agree to the terms described here.

This is a non-exclusive license and you are free to distribute your piece(s) elsewhere, including to other distributors, shows, and digital opportunities through PRX.

The general PRX Terms of Use continue to apply to all licenses and transactions conducted via PRX.


A. You grant to YOUTHCAST a non-exclusive license to reproduce, record, encode, transmit, copy, perform, display and distribute audio pieces and related materials (collectively, "Works"). Distribution may include inclusion in a biweekly downloadable podcast, and making YouthCast's podcast episodes available for licensing and use by other entities on PRX.org.

B. You grant YOUTHCAST the right to edit the Work(s) for technical reasons (i.e. news holes, gaps, distortion, etc.)

C. You grant YOUTHCAST the right to add an intro and/or outro to the Work(s), and to combine it with one or more other Work(s) as part of a single podcast episode. Except as provided in the foregoing, no changes, additions or deletions may be made to Your Work(s) unless YOUTHCAST has obtained Your prior written approval.

D. You grant YOUTHCAST the non-exclusive right to use the names, identifications, images and logos owned by You to market, promote, publicize and advertise the Work(s) and YOUTHCAST.

E. You shall retain all right, title and interest in and to the Work(s), including copyrights, and other material provided by You and used by YOUTHCAST to create the master digital/encoded recordings of the Work(s).

F. You are responsible for obtaining the rights necessary to reproduce, display and distribute any third-party intellectual property (e.g. trademarked or copyrighted material) contained in Your Work(s).


The payment for use of your Work(s) by YOUTHCAST is a flat fee of $75 per Work licensed, paid to You on a quarterly basis by PRX. No additional Fee/Royalty shall be payable for the syndication,transmission, and distribution of the Work(s) as part of the podcast itself, and any related review, advertising, publicity, or promotion. You are solely responsible for payment of any and all royalties due to any other producers/owners of Work(s) delivered by You to YOUTHCAST.


For pieces licensed prior to March 10, 2011, the term for this license is One Year, during which YOUTHCAST may use your Work(s) as described in this agreement. For pieces licensed after March 10, 2011, this agreement is effective indefinitely, and may be terminated by written request.