Getting Your Work on Public Radio Remix

What's Remix?

PRX's Public Radio Remix is a 24/7 stream of radio stories that plays online, on XM-123 and broadcasts on HD and terrestrial stations.

We look for the most captivating stories, entertaining interviews and unusual sounds to add to our growing database that gets mixed into Remix.

Roman Mars is Public Radio Remix DJ and curator.

Want to get your stuff on Remix?

Do you have stories that fit Remix? Perhaps it's something you produced for Weekend America years ago, now collecting dust on a hard drive or long-forgotten blog. Maybe it's something you put together purely for the love of sound. It could even be that compelling bit of tape you hated having to cut from a documentary — but which stands on its own, a little window into another world.

Whatever it is, send it our way and the Remix curators will have a listen...

How to Submit a Story to Public Radio Remix

  1. Upload it to PRX (Here's how)
  2. Make sure to opt-in to Public Radio Remix in the Outside Purchaser preferences (Huh?)
  3. Copy your piece's URL and send it to Remix (at) PRX (dot) org with the subject: Remix Submission

What fits on Public Radio Remix?

Authentic voice Story driven Sound rich Short
Evocative Intimate Non-traditional documentary Engaging
Personality Unusual

All submissions must:

  1. Conform to both PRX's and the FCC's decency standards (Like what?)
  2. Hold up to repeated listening
  3. Be under 59:00
  4. Be evergreen


Public Radio Remix pays $0.50 per minute for all accepted pieces as long as you have a paid PRX membership. If you are not a paid member of PRX, you will not receive a royalty. Read more about Remix's Purchasing Information and PRX Memberships.