Appalachian Media Institute

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  • Location: London, KY

Through AMI young people in eastern Kentucky learn how to use video cameras and audio equipment to document the unique traditions and complex issues of their mountain communities.

AMI is a program of Appalshop, a community-based arts and education center in the coalfields of Kentucky. Based in the community media model and the artistic resources of Appalshop, AMI offers an intensive summer institute and year-round media production training with youth, teachers and community groups in central Appalachia.


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3 Pieces

Eastern Kentucky youth tell three personal stories about why people become miners and what it's like to live in a coal community.


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Josh Fleming grew up in a family of miners. In this piece he talks with his father about what being a coal miner has meant to his family and why h...

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When faced with the prospect of working for minimum wage many mountain youth in eastern Kentucky choose to work in the mines rather than try to scr...


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