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For more than two decades, Murray Street has built a reputation for innovation – in radio production, marketing, and distribution. We specialize in work with cultural institutions to create distinctive programs for broadcast, recorded media and the Internet.


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Ten hours from the highly acclaimed 1990 series -- Hear why HEAT is a public radio legend.

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Independent Minds delves into the lives of truly unique and independent personalities. From President John Adams to comedian Peter Sellars, to the women of Grey Gardens, host David D'Arcy fully explores these characters and their lasting influence.

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Jazz musicians refer to what they do as telling stories. We bring you backstage stories from jazz legends and those in the making.

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Symphony Space Live with Laura Kaminsky and Stefon Harris


Caption: Lee Konitz , Credit: Frank Stewart
Widely admired for his original sound, the 83 year old alto saxophonist Lee Konitz is a master of improvisation who continues to travel the world s...

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Caption: Hank Jones, Credit: Frank Stewart
Over the past eighty years, the late Hank Jones has been described as eloquent and impeccable. However, his career wasn’t marked by the normal road...

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Caption: Jason Moran , Credit: Frank Stewart
Prolific pianist and composer Jason Moran fuses stride piano, avant-garde jazz and sampled sounds. Hear the 2010 MacArthur Fellow "a Texas computer...

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Caption: Sam Rivers, Credit: Frank Stewart
Sam Rivers has sounded his horn across six decades of jazz with Miles Davis, Cecil Taylor, and Dizzy Gillespie. Producer David Goren brings us an i...

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Caption: James Moody, Credit: Frank Stewart
"Moody's Mood for Love" is one of the most memorable and recognizable solos in jazz history. But for James Moody, the song contains a bigger history.

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Caption: Randy Weston , Credit: Frank Stewart
Pianist Randy Weston has seen a lot people and places in his life. Born in Brooklyn in 1926 and served in the US Army during World War II. But it ...

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Caption: James Moody, Credit: Tom Pich
In memory of saxophonist and flutist James Moody, Jazz at Lincoln Center Radio offers its edition featuring Moody's 75th birthday celebration with ...

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Caption: Harvey Pekar, Credit: michaelz1 via FLICKR
Give your listeners a look at life's unpredictable pageant through the eyes of the engagingly grumpy comic book author Harvey Pekar.

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Discover how a curious pathologist turned into an expert on death and challenged our ideas of life and self-determination.

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A new perspective on the often-overlooked story of the Marines who fought in the brutal Pacific Campaign of World War II.

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