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Our podcast features global reporting on the front lines of the planet’s most urgent issues — from terrorism to global warming to income inequality.

Veteran correspondent and GroundTruth Project founder Charles Sennott partners with the next generation of international reporters to tell stories that will change the way you see the world and the journalists who cover it.


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4 Pieces

The first episodes of the podcast are part of our in-depth series, Foreverstan, a special report that explores the impact of the longest American war on the people of Afghanistan.

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4 Pieces

This is actually America's second opioid crisis. The first is much older. Now, the old and new epidemics exist just a few miles apart from one another in New York City. We go to the Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island to explore what caused the crisis, what's being done about it, and how denial and stigma are fueling a record number of overdose deaths.


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In the first episode of GroundTruth, correspondent Charles Sennott follows the roots of the war in Afghanistan from the 1993 World Trade Center bom...

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