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The Story Exchange is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to telling the personal and professional stories of women business owners. We showcase the often-overlooked entrepreneurial women around the world who are contributing to their communities and collectively making an impact on the global economy. As an independent 501(c)(3) digital initiative, we aim to provide role models to other women who are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

More than 126 million women are starting or running businesses in 67 economies, creating millions of jobs and generating trillions of dollars in revenue. Yet, most of the stories that capture media attention are those of high-growth startups, many of which are male-owned and not representative of the majority of small businesses. We want to change the narrative, and tell the stories of female entrepreneurs in an array of industries who are making a difference, breaking through barriers, and driving economic growth.

The Story Exchange, begun in 2011, is led by an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a former banking executive. The team stands out for its background in broadcast and print journalism, interlaced with decades of experience in the business and financial world. We adhere to journalistic standards and maintain our editorial independence.


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14 Pieces

In its new season, The Story Exchange Podcast is telling the stories of women entrepreneurs who are tackling pressing social issues and use the power of business to do "Good on the Ground."

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14 Pieces

Showcasing the stories and strategies of entrepreneurial women from San Diego to New York and beyond.


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Around the world, 45 million amputees lack access to a prosthetic limb. At UMass-Lowell, plastics engineer Erin Keaney is designing a solution.

  • Added: Apr 07, 2020
  • Length: 12:07
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Once upon a time, Sherri Franklin was a successful (but uninspired) hairstylist. To find purpose in life, she began volunteering at the SPCA...and ...

  • Added: Oct 09, 2019
  • Length: 17:35
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In this podcast, we explore the plight of the bee and talk to Kristy Allen, a beekeeper and advocate who is running a thriving business, the Beez K...

  • Added: Jan 11, 2019
  • Length: 18:44
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In this incredibly powerful podcast, we explore some of the historical injustices inflicted on Native Americans, while also sharing Hill's dramati...

  • Added: Oct 19, 2018
  • Length: 25:04
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Amy Hagstrom Miller of Whole Woman’s Health is on a mission to make abortions safe and stigma-free. The journey has taken her to the Supreme Court.

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  • Added: May 29, 2018
  • Length: 17:10
  • Purchases: 1
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Dianna Flett, a former military officer, started Girl Smarts to teach confidence to girls in 4th and 5th grades.

  • Added: May 04, 2018
  • Length: 12:48
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The women behind U Konserve and My Sister's Closet are doing their part to minimize waste and protect the environment.

  • Added: Nov 21, 2017
  • Length: 19:52
Piece image
Angie Lozano started Angie's House to give people in need a place to lay their head at night — and reminded us all that just one person can make a ...

  • Added: Oct 06, 2017
  • Length: 12:59
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Chelsea Harden's horses create magical spaces where kids with special needs can connect and learn. Hear how she manages the unusual business assets...

  • Added: Sep 21, 2017
  • Length: 13:33
Caption: Kasey O'Connell, Fif Ghobadian and Alice Cahan, Credit: Road Twenty-Two
Iran-born Fif Ghobadian created San Francisco fashion brand Road Twenty-Two to provide jobs for women released from prison.

  • Added: Jun 20, 2017
  • Length: 13:36