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Greetings! We are a production company based on Florida's Treasure Coast best known for being leaders in the fields of Improv Comedy and Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. We write our own scripts, produce our own original content, and have our own stable of talented voice, stage, and comedic actors that always rise to the occasion. Recently, someone around these parts got the wild notion to crate our own science-fiction radio drama in the spirit of classic shows such as War of the Worlds and Dick Tracy. We put our writer to work and worked together to create a massive new sci-fi universe that can only be described with one word: epic. The show has piqued our curiosity and taken our imaginations back to the days when Heinlein and Rand were still forcing us to gaze into the stars and dream of a time when humanity seizes its destiny. We know you'll enjoy it as much as we do. Good luck, and take care!


Caption: Warren Krane
1 Piece

An epic, original science-fiction radio play set four hundred years in the future that follows the adventures and victories of Commander Warren Krane and his crew.


Caption: Warren Krane
Commander Warren Krane and the crew of the Peregrine arrive at Hermitage Station in a remote region of space to attend an Officer's Ball where the ...

  • Added: Jul 24, 2013
  • Length: 21:58