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  • Location: Murray, Kentucky

Baskhaus is an independent radio group based in Murray, Ky. Producers of news, documentary and music programming, Baskhaus is a small group of producers, hosts and reporters dedicated to keeping public radio fresh, dynamic and engaging. Co-founders Bec Feldhaus and Shelly Baskin represent an area of the country under-reported and under-explored and seek to change that through open ears. Baskhaus produces Just Next Door, an occasional series that discovers the stories never told from those neighbors just a few steps away. We also do short documentaries, profiles, how-tos and other creative projects. Listen in.


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Just Next Door is a documentary series about the stories you never heard because you didn't think to ask.

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It's a tiny story that happens to be true.


Caption: Cool Dude, Credit: Joe Duncan
Three-year-old beatboxer Edward never knew he was part of such a dynamic audio community. Listen as he explores his own sound. Hear more at baskhau...

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Caption: Alex Lane, Credit: Bec Feldhaus
Alex Lane submits to a five alarm chili shock treatment in an effort to resurrect the olfactory system he never knew.

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