Traveling 219

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Bringing you stories from rural West Virginia, in the shadow of the Allegheny Mountains. Inspired by the Federal Writers Project, bring the past into the present, and looking toward the future. 



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The Tygart Valley Homestead was built in the 1930s as part of a New Deal project to re-locate and re-settle impoverished families to new cooperativ...

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Caption: Coketon Colored School historical marker sign.
In 1892 African American school teacher Carrie Williams and her lawyer, J.R. Clifford sued the white county school board for discrimination. Noneth...

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Caption: Sherman Beard and his B-24 in formation., Credit: Courtesy of Sherman Beard.
World War Two B-24 bomber pilot veteran Sherman Beard, of Hillsboro, West Virginia remembers flying missions over Europe during the war.

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Caption: Map showing Maryland's claim to West Virginian land.
The historic landmark known as the Fairfax Stone was reportedly placed in 1746 to mark what would become part of the border between Maryland and Vi...

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Caption: Mike Smith
This year, park superintendent Mike Smith has also organized a series of four memorial hikes to the top of the top of Droop Mountain to commemorate...

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Caption: Telling the Story
The Traveling 219 Project teamed up with classes at the Greenbrier Episcopal School in Lewisburg, West Virginia this school year to bring local his...

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Caption: The McNeel Mill, ca. 1910.
This piece gives listeners a glimpse into a 150 year old mill being restored in the rural town of Mill Point, WV. Matt Tate moved to West Virginia ...

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Caption: View of the prison camp, 1943., Credit: From the collection of Ed Friel.
Ed and Agnes-Hannah Friel spent part of their childhoods around the Mill Point Federal Prison camp, where both had parents working as federal priso...

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Caption: From the collection of Al Feldstein, Credit: Leo Beachy
This year will be the 200th anniversary of the Casselman River Bridge, which was the nation's longest stone arch bridge at the time it was built as...

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The Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys may be the oldest West Virginia bluegrass boys still playing today. Beginning in the 1960s, Richard Hefner began ...

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