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This is what we do and why we do it.

Each week on Deemable Tech, hosts Ray Hollister and Tom Braun answer questions submitted by users and provide helpful tips about computers, tablets, mobile phone, the Internet and technology in general. Deemable Tech 3:30, produced weekly, is a drop-in for NPR's Morning Edition C segment, or in WESAT or WESUN from the B seg cutaway at 34:20 to headlines at 39:00. Click one of the links above to listen to the show and download them at no cost to carry them on your station.

Deemable Tech's purpose is to empower people to use technology to its full potential to make their lives more efficient and enjoyable!

These are the voices and hands behind Deemable Tech:

Ray Hollister - Host and Executive Producer

Ray Hollister has done almost every job imaginable from bike courier to over-the-road truck driver, but no matter where he worked he was always the guy that everyone turned to for help when their computer was on the fritz. Ray's love for radio, gadgets and technology lead him to volunteer at WJCT 89.9 FM. After volunteering during WJCT's local call-in talk show, First Coast Connect, for several months he asked if he could record a show about technology, and the folks at WJCT were crazy enough to say yes. Transplanted from Hollisterville, Pennsylvania when he was less than two years old, Ray Hollister has lived in Jacksonville, Florida for most of his life. Ray graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts as a vocal arts major, and he was an Internet Services Technology major at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Ray enjoys reading about the latest gadgets and new apps, spending time with his wife and daughter, and talking about himself in the third person. Ray usually has a beard and a smile on his face, despite the fact that the picture here only shows the beard.

Tom Braun - Host and Producer

Tom Braun grew up in Jacksonville, Florida before getting a degree in computer science in Jacksonville, Florida and embarking on career in programming in Jacksonville, Florida. He co-hosts and co-writes the Deemable Tech podcast and also moonlights as a stand-in groomsman. He currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sean Birch - Sound Engineer and Producer

Sean Birch was born in the late ‘80s to rave reviews, and has continued to live a critically acclaimed life to this day. The Brevard County native moved to Jacksonville in 2010 after graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Radio/TV Production. He has worked at WJCT as a producer of the radio talk show First Coast Connect since 2011, and met Ray while the Great Bearded One was volunteering at the station. Sean has been a part of Deemable Tech since the start of show, working behind the scenes as producer, editor and engineer, and striving to make sure everything sounds good. When he’s not listening to Tom and Ray babble on, Sean enjoys playing board games, laughing at things on the Internet, and watching TV with his girlfriend and dog. He also doubles as an unintentional David Spade look-alike.

But that still leaves the question unanswered, "What is Deemable Tech?"

deemable adj \d?m-?-b?l\

  1. capable of being deemed
deem verb \d?m\
  1. to judge, think or form an opinion about something or someone: The client deemed it to be a worthy investment.
tech noun \tek\
  1. abbreviation of the word technology or technician
Deemable Tech proper noun \d?m-?-b?l\ \tek\
  1. Tech worth talking about.
  2. Tech help worth listening to.



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