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Artsy Fartsy Show


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Artsy Fartsy Show is the audio arts magazine that bridges the disconnect between culture, art and politics. It is a fast moving youthful arts show that every listener can enjoy and not get bogged down by terminology.


Caption: Rev Jen Guest Co-Host the Artsy Fartsy Show
This week’s program is a collaboration of two terrific NYC Slam establishments. The Anti-Slam and The Melting Pot. The studio will be filled to the...

  • Added: Jan 07, 2013
  • Length: 51:36
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In the Erotic Memoir Novel LAURA MEETS JEFFREY written from two perspectives - Jeffrey Michaelson and Laura Bradley detail their lives during the N...

  • Added: Jun 26, 2012
  • Length: 11:42
Caption: May Day General Strike 2012, Credit: Molly Crabapple and John Leavitt
In celebration of May Day, The Artsy Fartsy Show covered art in immigrant communities, activism and the artistic influences within the Occupy Wall ...

  • Added: May 31, 2012
  • Length: 52:11
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Artsy Fartsy Show's annual Spring light show – finding humor in the bizarre and scary, stand-up comedy and much more with guests: Harrison Greenbau...

  • Added: Apr 28, 2012
  • Length: 54:30
Caption: Geoffrey Fletcher with The Script for the Imagination Series
Academy Award Winner, Geoffrey Fletcher sits down with Artsy Fartsy Show's Barika Taheer Edwards to chat about screenwriting and the his launch of ...

  • Added: Apr 28, 2012
  • Length: 17:06