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The communities, farms and ranches settled by Asian Americans on the frontier. Hosted by George Takei. THE ACTUAL SHOW LENGTH IS 59 MINUTES. THER...

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  • Added: Mar 23, 2006
  • Length: 01:53:00
  • Purchases: 18
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Girls From Cambodia - an honest look into sex trafficking in Cambodia

Bought by WUFT, KUT-HD, WOSU, KQED, KUNM and more

  • Added: Jan 10, 2006
  • Length: 58:56
  • Purchases: 9
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Winner of the Peabody award, MEI MEI, A DAUGHTER'S SONG is the personal story of cross-cultural and cross-generational conflict produced by Dmae Ro...

Bought by The Story, SALTcast Podcast, KFAI, Oregon Public Broadcasting, WJFF and more

  • Added: Nov 16, 2005
  • Length: 26:35
  • Purchases: 15
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Take an audio tour through Vietnam using poetry in Vietnamese and English and inspired by what they called, "The American War.

Bought by WYSO, KUT, and WEKU

  • Added: Aug 30, 2005
  • Length: 58:56
  • Purchases: 3
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More than half of Hawaii's residents speak Pidgin - a combination of English, Hawaiian and Asian languages.


  • Added: Aug 15, 2005
  • Length: 03:27
  • Purchases: 5
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Respecting Diversity looks at the influence of culture, race and religion on dying; how the assumptions behind "good end-of-life care" do not nece...

Bought by KMXT, WETA, Audible, WCAI / WNAN, and KALW

  • Added: Jul 28, 2005
  • Length: 01:00:45
  • Purchases: 5
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Cambodian Musician Daran Kravanh says music saved his life during the Kiling Fields.

Bought by The Story, KGLT, and KZSC

  • Added: Jul 21, 2005
  • Length: 08:55
  • Purchases: 3
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Amerasian Playwright Velina Hasu Houston learned early on to have pride in her identity through her African American father and Japanese mother.

Bought by WESM 91.3 FM, KUER, KVSC, KUT, KXOT Public Radio and more

  • Added: May 17, 2004
  • Length: 26:09
  • Purchases: 16