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Caption: Composer Carlos Chávez with pianist María Teresa Rodríguez
Orchestral works by two giants of Mexican musical nationalism: Manuel María Ponce's Piano Concerto and Carlos Chávez's Symphony # 3.

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  • Added: May 25, 2020
  • Length: 58:30
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Caption: Mexican Composer Miguel Bernal
A program of hidden treasures from Mexico’s Miguel Bernal and Spain’s Isaac Albéniz.

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  • Added: May 18, 2020
  • Length: 58:30
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Caption: A rose and a book for La Diada de Sant Jordi
The Spanish Hour celebrates the Catalan national holiday with Catalan classics from the Renaissance through the 20th century.

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  • Added: Apr 13, 2020
  • Length: 58:30
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Caption: Pianist Miguel Baselga
Famous Spanish and Mexican composers and their not so famous works. With pianist Miguel Baselga, The State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra, and Barcel...

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  • Added: Mar 24, 2020
  • Length: 58:26
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Caption: Composer José Luis Greco, Credit: Photo © Sandra Gallardo
Ballet music by Manuel de Falla and a violin concerto by José Luis Greco, son of flamenco dancers José Greco and Nila Amparo.

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  • Added: Mar 02, 2020
  • Length: 58:30
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Caption: Illustration from a Cantigas de Santa María manuscript
From the Five Kingdoms of 13th-century Spain to the polyphony of Spanish Renaissance master Tomás Luis de Victoria, this week’s program explores Sp...

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  • Added: Feb 24, 2020
  • Length: 58:30
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Caption: Anne-Sophie Mutter
An array of some of the great Spanish works written for violin in the second half of the nineteenth century. Works by Sarasate, Monasterio, and Fer...

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  • Added: Feb 18, 2020
  • Length: 58:30
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Caption: Soprano María Bayo , Credit: Javier Salas
Not to be confused with the popular operettas and lyric operas popular in Spain from the 1850s through the mid-20th century, the zarzuelas on this ...

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  • Added: Feb 10, 2020
  • Length: 58:30
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Caption: Guitarist and Composer Fernando Sor
In the 19th century, the guitar was still thought of as something heard at village fairs, an easy to strum instrument, meant for nothing more than ...

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  • Added: Jan 20, 2020
  • Length: 58:31
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Caption: Composer Xavier Montsalvatge
A tribute to the 20th-century Catalan composer, author, and music critic Xavier Montsalvatge (1912-2002), one of the so-called “Lost Generation” of...

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  • Added: Jan 14, 2020
  • Length: 58:30
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Caption: Spanish Tenor Alfredo Kraus
The great Spanish tenor Alfredo Kraus in zarzuela and song.

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  • Added: Jan 01, 2020
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Caption: pork walk, Credit: archive
Passions for food and music shine through the nation of Catalunya.The traditional, the innovative, the very local and the trans-Mediterranian fusio...

  • Added: Jul 28, 2013
  • Length: 01:00:00
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A music-rich introduction to one of the year's biggest festivals

  • Added: Sep 22, 2008
  • Length: 53:55
Piece image
Winner of the 2009 Headliners' Awards "Best Feature Documentary" and "Grand Prize for Radio"

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  • Added: Apr 28, 2008
  • Length: 53:49
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Public Radio's Savviest Music Experts Pick the Best at SXSW 2008

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  • Added: Mar 08, 2008
  • Length: 54:00
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Two-hour or one-hour exploration of the seminal work of heralded songwriter Joni Mitchell. Over 50 Mitchell songs are featured in the recommended ...

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  • Added: Feb 01, 2008
  • Length: 01:59:00
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Singing legend Judy Collins headlines the third in a series of hour-long holiday specials featuring musicians from around the country performing or...

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  • Added: Sep 05, 2007
  • Length: 58:40
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Three-time Grammy winner Shawn Colvin is captured in the studio working on her 2006 album THESE FOUR WALLS and reflecting on her career in music.

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  • Added: Sep 07, 2006
  • Length: 01:58:02
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