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From 1939 to 1945, as World War II raged on, American Popular Music responded. On Afterglow’s Memorial Day special this week, we look at the songs ...

  • Added: May 10, 2018
  • Length: 59:00
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What would college students say to their mothers on Mother's Day, since many students can't be with her?

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  • Added: Apr 23, 2015
  • Length: 01:21
  • Purchases: 1
Caption: Continues to be the foundation for my life.  Will forever be missed and loved.
On May 16, 2004 was the day I lost my closest friend, my biggest supporter, my biggest inspiration to be the best person I could be. and the best h...

  • Added: Oct 16, 2014
  • Length: 05:05
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This reading is a passage describing two giraffes seen in crates on a ship bound for Germany.

  • Added: Oct 14, 2014
  • Length: 03:49
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Sharon Harris is a member of the Jackpine Writer's Block, and a native of Park Rapids. She has published three books of poetry. The Beat is a daily...

  • Added: Jan 24, 2013
  • Length: 01:39
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Like "An Affair to Remember" but with a Christmas theme.

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  • Added: Dec 08, 2007
  • Length: 29:00
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6 minute radio piece with interviews and music about the New Orleans keyboadist, singer, and producer Willie Tee

  • Added: Oct 19, 2007
  • Length: 05:57
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A Father's Day Special, a classic mix of memorable music, clips and interviews with Dad

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  • Added: May 17, 2007
  • Length: 27:37
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Acoustic/Electric Ballad

  • Added: Mar 04, 2007
  • Length: 03:30
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A special musical tribute to the city of New Orleans

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  • Added: Sep 15, 2005
  • Length: 57:22
  • Purchases: 4
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September 11th 2003 marks the 30th anniversary of the Chilean coup that toppled Socialist president Salvador Allende. The death of the coveted lead...

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  • Added: Nov 11, 2004
  • Length: 07:10
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