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The O'Jays have made their final album, The Last Word, and it's filled with wisdom, love and some choice words about the state of the world.

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  • Added: Apr 11, 2019
  • Length: 59:00
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This episode the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center explores the music of Debussy, Jongen, and Caplet.

  • Added: Nov 06, 2018
  • Length: 58:29
Caption: Inmates at LBJ
During the war in Vietnam, there was a notorious American military prison on the outskirts of Saigon called Long Binh Jail. But LBJ wasn’t for capt...

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  • Added: Sep 11, 2018
  • Length: 18:19
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Representing Alaska Native culture, AK Rebel and AKU-MATU talk about the effects of colonization. As they share their stories, we hear how they bri...

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  • Added: Aug 14, 2018
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Visiting the local hip-hop community in Oklahoma and the Suquamish reservation in Washington, Quese IMC and Calina Lawrence show us what happens wh...

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  • Added: Aug 14, 2018
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Mic Jordan and Tall Paul share personal stories around identity. We find out how, despite growing up without a parental figure, struggling with alc...

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  • Added: Aug 14, 2018
  • Length: 29:00
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Caption: Definition of Resilience
Preserving language, battling stereotypes, and rising up from trauma, we follow Giizhigookwe and Thomas X as they give back to their communities. T...

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  • Added: Aug 01, 2018
  • Length: 06:32
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David Hecht reports on the condition of Sierra Leone's diamond trade

  • Added: May 08, 2018
  • Length: 05:07
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I opened the door and tried to push him out. That’s when he fired the first shot.

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  • Added: Mar 16, 2018
  • Length: 04:11
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Caption: Aisha Jumaan, Mohammad Al-Nimr, John Shuck at Roots of Conflict Presentation at Portland State University, February 3rd 2018
Aisha Jumaan and Mohammad Al-Nimr Expose the US involvement with Saudi Aggression

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  • Added: Mar 05, 2018
  • Length: 54:00
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"Love never dies, and neither do my flowers."

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  • Added: Feb 15, 2018
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The Hustler Files is stories set around ex-offenders and their second chances as they strive to pursue entrepreneurship, be productive citizens and...

  • Added: Nov 20, 2017
  • Length: 02:56
Caption: The Wine Fellers
We discuss why Millennials demand Inventive Names for their Wine, Beer & Marijuana. We also discuss Cuban Wine (i.e., Rum) and Impulse Buy Fried C...

  • Added: Feb 12, 2017
  • Length: 01:00:00
Caption: LePriest Valentine, Credit: George Lavender
Meet LePriest Valentine, who kept winding up in the only sanctuary he could find after getting out of jail: Skid Row.

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  • Added: Oct 25, 2016
  • Length: 07:30
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On this episode of The Live Feed, we bring you I Slam Therefore I Am - Slam Poetry Night from the Midwest Music Fest Store in downtown Winona. Slam...

  • Added: Jul 20, 2016
  • Length: 24:12
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Urban Warriors is a program that pairs youth and veterans in trauma-informed, mentorship-based relationships. The program helps to promote self-emp...

  • Added: Jul 19, 2016
  • Length: 02:02
Caption: Muhammad Ali
Studs Terkel was a champion of a working folk and icons alike, and sometimes, he even managed to bring the two together. In this 1975 interview wit...

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  • Added: Jun 06, 2016
  • Length: 56:25
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Caption: Javille Sutton was a 14-year-old runaway when she accepted a ride from a pimp who sold her across the country for the next six years. She was arrested multiple times as a juvenile. She now counsels girls at a horse ranch for young victims of trafficking.
Advocates for kids are pushing for a new approach to combating underage prostitution: treating young people caught up in sex trafficking as victims...

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  • Added: May 12, 2016
  • Length: 59:01
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The music of the Velvet Underground, Iggy and the Stooges, and The New York Dolls and others the others were meeting fierce resistance in the US. W...

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  • Added: May 10, 2016
  • Length: 56:32
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How the Warhol 60s morphed into the Punk 70s and marginalized inhabitants of a near-bankrupt New York City changed 20th century culture and influen...

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  • Added: May 10, 2016
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Caption: Stephen Lang
"As starkly moving as taps at dusk" says the Washington Post about BEYOND GLORY, a powerful tribute to military valor written and performed by stag...

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  • Added: Apr 30, 2016
  • Length: 53:00
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Suzy Favor-Hamilton went from being a three-time Olympian to a high class escort in Vegas. She tells her fascinating story, and how she got contro...

  • Added: Apr 27, 2016
  • Length: 59:28
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Voices from the epicenter of unrest in Baltimore

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  • Added: Apr 26, 2016
  • Length: 48:30
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Caption: Lenn Brown has been going to Syracuse basketball games with his family since he was a young boy, including the thriller against Villanova in February of 2010., Credit: (c) 2010 Rick Brown
Syracuse University sophomore Lenn Brown is a manager of the SU men's basketball team. His mom and dad both went to the school and his love for it ...

  • Added: Dec 16, 2015
  • Length: 03:59