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Caption: Gen. William J. Gothard (right) receives a spent shell casing as part of his 2014 retirement ceremony at Fort Jackson, S.C. Gothard says his 36 years of service left him with hearing loss and tinnitus., Credit:  Shantelle Campbell / U.S. Army
The settlement with earplug manufacturer 3M has focused attention on service-related hearing loss, one of the most common health problems among vet...

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Caption: Dave McLenachen, the director of the VA's Appeals Management Office, testifies at a December Congressional hearing on wait times for veterans' benefit appeals., Credit: C-SPAN
The VA fully implemented the new law in February, hoping to clear up a backlog of appeals claims that numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

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A discussion of fiduciary income taxation of trusts, trust residency and taxation in light of recent development in Supreme Court and other case law.

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A discussion of the impact of unintended consequences of adoption language in multi-generational and dynasty trusts.

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A sneak peek into ACTEC’s Guide for Agents Acting Under Power of Attorney, which will be released later this year. What are the duties and responsi...

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How does sustainable and responsible investing intersect with fiduciary duty? May a trustee consider environmental, social, and governance, ESG, fa...

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What trust and estate attorneys need to know to keep up with the advances in technology, especially in the area of digital assets is discussed by A...

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Caption: 76 year old Army veteran Robert Neilson writes notes of encouragement to fellow veterans who have contemplated suicide. He's struggled with mental health issues since he left the Army in the 1960s., Credit: Matt Bowler / KPBS
Veterans are about twice as likely as non-veterans to die by suicide. But the majority of those suicides are among veterans aged 55 or older -- who...

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What is probate lending and why you should consider including a spendthrift clause in a will is discussed by ACTEC Fellow Professor David Horton.

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The rights of children to receive property from intestate estates and how to pass property effectively to children is discussed by Judge Butts and ...

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Caption: Army veteran Robert Galang participated in a clinical trial to manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the Long Beach, Cal. VA., Credit: Libby Denkmann/American Homefront
An agency pilot program aims to bypass regulations that can make it hard for veterans to get cutting-edge medical treatment.

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Legal and practical challenges are evolving with the respect of funeral arrangements and disposition of human remains. Listen to issues that may be...

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Caption: Participants in Oxnard Family Circle's Adult Day Healthcare program get transportation to and from home on weekdays., Credit: Libby Denkmann/American Homefront
The number of veterans in the VA healthcare system who are 70 or older is expected to grow 30 percent in the next eight years.

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As the tradition of the close-knit family generation vanishes in America an epidemic of elder financial abuse is sweeping the country. ACTEC Fellow...

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Can a change in situs have result in saved taxes? Trust situs and state statutes are discussed by ACTEC Fellows in this podcast.

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  • Length: 08:29
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Digital will, electronic will, e-will… no matter what you call it, practitioners will be confronted with this new type of will in the very near fut...

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In the United States, the obituary article is reserved for the famous, to remember their greatest achievements and notable struggles.

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Dr. Roger Kligler had been fighting prostate cancer for 14 years before he got the news: it's terminal. With no more treatment options, Roger sued ...

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As we approach the shortest days of the year, we take a longing look at the therapeutic aspects of daylight. One researcher found that light therap...

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Caption: Looking out for you
Quick moving show dealing with four callers all with clear needs and wanting help. The show has some humor and practical tips along with helping pe...

  • Added: Aug 12, 2016
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Caption: In eye-popping plaid pants and a pea-green jacket, Dr. Bedlack wears positivity into his office at the Duke ALS clinic., Credit: Avery Hall
ALS: a heartwrenching medical quandary for both doctors and patients. As research progresses, one local doctor takes a positive approach.

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Barb's Story / The Fabulous 3 / Take Your Oxygen First / A Few Good Men

  • Added: Nov 08, 2015
  • Length: 54:00
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Segment 1: Michael Morton/Getting Life Segment 2: Chris McIntyre/motorcycle adventures Segment 3: Nicole Middendorf/finance Segment 4: Angie Hal...

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Caption: Erika Escalante stands in front of her home at Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, Credit: Angela Johnston
Buena Vista is a diverse community, made up of seniors, families, people with disabilities. The majority of residents are low income, and Latino. P...

  • Added: Sep 15, 2015
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Segment 1: Cash Nickerson/Boomerangs Segment 2: Shaun Usher/Letters Segment 3: Dr. Jackie Campbell/MyPlan App Segment 4: Rabbi Boteach/Kosher Lust...

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