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This week on Minnesota Native News, tribes across the state work together to present a clear path forward to protect wild rice and AICHO in Duluth ...

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Caption: Chef Ellen Adams (right), an Air Force veteran, helps fellow veteran Linda Costello coat apples in chocolate., Credit: Sarah Harris/American Homefront
A cooking program in upstate New York helps veterans find camaraderie in the kitchen.

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Caption: A citrus worker in Plymouth, Fla. grades oranges in this 1942 photo., Credit: Florida Citrus Exchange, McKay Archives, Florida Southern College
An effort to prevent scurvy in U.S. troops led to the growth of the orange juice industry, popularizing what had been a relatively obscure beverage.

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Caption: The Wine Fellers
Surstromming, which is a sludge of rotten fish in brine, is a Swedish delicacy and widely considered to be the worst smelling food in the world.

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Caption: Vietnam-era veteran Diane Fike selects vegetables at the Austin, Tex. VA food pantry. Studies have found a growing number of veterans are food insecure, including many who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan., Credit: Carson Frame/American Homefront
More than 1.4 million veterans of all ages rely on government food assistance, but food insecurity is disproportionately common among post 9/11 vet...

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Caption: by ANGELICA A. MORRISON / Denise Beyer of the Beyers Maple Farm in East Aurora New York, taps maple trees., Credit: by ANGELICA A. MORRISON
Scientists say climate change affects everything from weather patterns to animal migrations. And now, a popular breakfast condiment could be at ris...

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Caption: New York distillery and fish farm turns waste into supper, Credit: by ANGELICA A. MORRISON
Two companies in the Great Lakes region are teaming up for an unusual experiment in sustainability. They’re starting an aquaculture business. And a...

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A fun journey that explores the explosion of New York State's craft beer industry, from flourishing neighborhood nanobrewers and award-winning brew...

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Caption: Lake Superior beach near Duluth, Credit: Dan Kraker, Minnesota Public Radio
Here's a question for you Great Lakes lovers. Which is the clearest lake? You probably guessed Lake Superior. Well, that was true for a long time. ...

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The Indigenous Food Network aims to introduce and increase traditional Native food in Minneapolis schools and youth programs.

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Caption: Big Hunger by Andrew Fisher and Big Chicken by Maryn McKenna
Antibiotics in chicken getting away from us and hunger groups loving on corporations. Plus ending hunger by force of law.

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Between a changing climate and an invasion of parasites, it’s a tough time for the little honeybee. A Norfolk woman’s quest to give bees a home may...

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Caption: Ground cherries were a surprise find this year at the Little Earth garden., Credit: Melissa Townsend
This week on Minnesota Native News: tribes celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Minnesota Indian Gaming compacts and Native gardeners in Minneapol...

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4700 Eastern Ave: One block. Everybody's story.

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In our latest Innovate CSR podcast, Nick Stellino discusses his shift from Wall Street to being a chef with his own successful TV cooking shows. Tu...

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A look at the broad use and various meanings of the term "local" on Colorado products

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Caffeine Powder, or the purest form of caffeine, is a very lethal substance in small amounts. Many people do not know about the dangers of the prod...

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At a full-service restaurant you know the drill. You eat your food, you get your bill, and then you calculate the tip. But not at Sous Beurre Kitch...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
Today's show features a profile of a rare family dairy farm in Washington State.

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Caption: Fukushima produce and farmers' faces at Yokubenimaru supermarket, Fukushima City, Credit: Ali Budner
We are no strangers to earthquakes here in the Bay Area. But there’s been nothing in recent memory to match the 9.0 quake that shook Japan on March...

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Butchering your own meat has become, for lack of a better word, kinda trendy. But it's also a basic survival skill that dates back to the stone age.

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A patient with a nasty case of Crohn’s disease visits the best doctor in the world. That patient is this radio producer's wife.

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Caption: Fahdl Radman,center, with advisors (l to r) Scott Schaffer and Larry Brucia of Sutti Associates, and Jessica Estrada of the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition., Credit: Melanie Young
In San Francisco’s Tenderloin, getting healthy fare often isn’t an option. Without a full service grocery store in the neighborhood, residents rely...

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Are we being told the truth about GMO foods in our midst? Sheldon Krimsky is Editor/reader here and Ralph Nader wrote the foreword to this informat...

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Caption: the iconic exterior of Circle Foods on St Bernard and Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans, Credit: Laine Kaplan-Levenson
More than eight years after it flooded and closed due to Hurricane Katrina, the Circle Food Store on the corner of Claiborne and St Bernard Avenues...

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