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Caption: Familes of Fair Oaks Community School in Redwood City protest their school closure , Credit: Gloria Rangel
The growth of charter schools has led to declining enrollment at traditional public schools across California -- and in some cases to school closur...

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Caption: Veronica Volk/WXXI News, Credit: Akin Johnson holds his credential during the East High School commencement in June 2017.
In recent years, there has been a push to get people with disabilities into the general workforce. But despite these initiatives, some students who...

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When Donald Trump takes the inaugural stage this month, he’ll be doing so in front of the newly restored Capitol Dome. But just over a hundred mile...

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Caption: Students at Toledo's maritime school, Credit: Timothy Dubravetz
The opening of a new maritime-themed high school was announced Tuesday in Cleveland. It joins the 3 other maritime schools in the Great Lakes region.

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Caption: Mud stored for climate change research at the Unviersity at Buffalo, November 2016., Credit: ANGELICA A. MORRISON / Mud stored for climate change research at the Unviersity at Buffalo, November 2016.
Climate change researchers in the Great Lakes region fear Trump administration could move forward with anti-climate change agenda.

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Women are earning more degrees in higher education than men. So why are there so few women in tenure track or leadership positions in academia?

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Caption: Students build a tugboat at The Maritime Academy of Toledo, Credit: Timothy Dubravetz
The Maritime Academy of Toledo is one of 56 schools around the country that incorporate skills like boat building and seamanship into its curriculum.

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Caption: The Onondaga Nation is located at Nedrow, New York.  © 2015 Laura Molina
The Onondaga Nation started a program to save their language and their culture. Right know, many native American languages are endangered due to th...

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Beginning next fall, all San Francisco public schools will offer a class called Ethnic Studies. It’s a look at American history and culture from th...

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Caption: A board encouraging attendance greets students and parents as they walk into Garfield Elemantary School, Credit: Isabel Angell
Oakland schools have a dropout rate that’s higher than the state average. So, the district made solving the problem a priority. Officials started t...

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Caption: Student activists Sofie Karasek and Meghan Warner, Credit: Liz Mak
On the state level, California is working to address the issue of sexual assault on campus. In September, the state passed a new “Yes means Yes” la...

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Caption: Dianna Valenzuela y Sergio Corral trabajan juntos en el panel de control de un robot acuático., Credit: Valeria Fernández / Radio Bilingüe
In Phoenix, Arizona, a robotics club is becoming a hotbed for Latino students, many of them low-income and some undocumented, to go on to graduate ...

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Caption: Yanaira López Sosa es una de las madres líderes del grupo del Proyecto de Liderazgo de Padres., Credit: Courtesy of Parent Leadership Project.
Sixty years after the Supreme Court banned school segregation, a report found that schools are still segregated, and New York City schools more tha...

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Most English learners in secondary school are considered Long Term English learners, meaning students who have been English learners for six-years ...

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Spanish-Speaking Kids Benefit from Oklahoma Pre-K - Children from low-income families, immigrant families, or who are English learners often come ...

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While many schools across the country are facing budget cuts and teacher layoffs, students at highly reputable universities are signing up in drove...

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Educators at one Brooklyn high school focus on getting their at-risk students across the threshold of the building. Sounds simple, right? Think again.

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It’s an age old question for teachers from elementary school to college: how do you get students to do their homework? Some educators are trying to...

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Caption: Support group meeting for foreign students and their parents at the Biblioteca Benito Juárez in Tijuana., Credit: Joel Medina
In the last two years, more than 205,000 parents of American citizen children were deported from the United States. That means a new influx of Amer...

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Writers of science fiction have long predicted a time when computers could engage humans in two-way communication, from R2D2 to the sinister Hal 90...

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Many foster children live in several homes during a short span of time. All of the disruption has been correlated to poor academic performance.

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Caption: Roy Dawson, Credit: UNC-Chapel Hill
As more and more businesses require employees to have at least a high-school degree, those who do not are getting left behind. In response, public ...

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As part of the NewsHour's American Graduate series, correspondent Spencer Michels reports on Techbridge, an after-school program based in Oakland, ...

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In Shelbyville, Ind., Melissa Lakes and the Student Achievement Center provide at-risk students with technology-enhanced hands-on learning. But it ...

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