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Caption: Mud stored for climate change research at the Unviersity at Buffalo, November 2016., Credit: ANGELICA A. MORRISON / Mud stored for climate change research at the Unviersity at Buffalo, November 2016.
Climate change researchers in the Great Lakes region fear Trump administration could move forward with anti-climate change agenda.

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Caption: Eliquewa Santiago says college makes her struggle with mental health even more difficult. (c) 2016 Taylor Epps
Mental health is an issue that rarely gets discussed in the black community. For college students of color the issue gets even more difficult.

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Women are earning more degrees in higher education than men. So why are there so few women in tenure track or leadership positions in academia?

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Standing Rock Water Protector Loki talks about the Spiritual Experience at the Front Lines

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Standing Rock Water Protector Loki talks about his experience at the Front with Militarized DAPL Police

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Dr. Roger Kligler had been fighting prostate cancer for 14 years before he got the news: it's terminal. With no more treatment options, Roger sued ...

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As we approach the shortest days of the year, we take a longing look at the therapeutic aspects of daylight. One researcher found that light therap...

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Caption: BY ANGELICA A. MORRISON / Pedestrian Bridge to be replaced at Niagara Falls State Park., Credit: BY ANGELICA A. MORRISON / Pedestrian Bridge to be replaced at Niagara Falls State Park.
New York State plans to shut off the American Falls, a major attraction for tourists who flock to Niagara Falls. It's part of a project to replace...

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Caption: Students build a tugboat at The Maritime Academy of Toledo, Credit: Timothy Dubravetz
The Maritime Academy of Toledo is one of 56 schools around the country that incorporate skills like boat building and seamanship into its curriculum.

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We travel to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan, where officials are finding dozens of dead birds washed onto the beach. Scientists...

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Caption: A plane recovered from Lake Michigan, Credit: John Davies
To accompany a documentary screening, the National Museum of the Great Lakes is searching for Navy pilots who trained on Lake Michigan during World...

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Caption: Harvester amid the cattails, Credit: Sam Corden
Researchers are harvesting invasive cattails, and seeking commercial uses for them

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Caption: heavy machinery is used to move concrete along shoreline, Credit: Susan Bence
Lake Michigan is experiencing record high water levels – bad news for some residents along the western shore. Huge chunks of the shoreline are erod...

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Caption: Combined sewers at Heider Creek in Avon Lake, Credit: Elizabeth Miller
Scientists believe greening projects and vegetation can filter water before it gets into the lake, but it may not be the solution for every city.

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Caption: Bob Topmiller, chief of toxicology at the Hamilton County Coroner's Office, holds a small vial containing carfentanil extracted from a sample of blood., Credit: Jake Harper/Side Effects
Heroin isn't new in Cincinnati, but the recent surge in overdoses is being blamed on an even more potent drug called carfentanil. It's 100 times st...

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Caption: Utah-based Real Women Run holds trainings for potential female candidates on how to manage a campaign, how to fundraise, how to work with the media, even hands-on stuff like how to actually file for candidacy., Credit: Jennifer Pemberton
There aren’t many women serving in Utah’s legislature, but a new law this election year gives hopeful political candidates a new way to get on the ...

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Caption: Kenna checks a creek in Bridgman, Mich., Credit: Rebecca Thiele
Trained dogs are helping localities find leaky sewer pipes that are polluting Great Lakes tributaries.

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Caption: Brianna Boggan takes a water sample at Villa Angela-Euclid Beach, Credit: Elizabeth Miller
Although a lot of beaches are tested for contamination in the water, many agencies use dated information to determine if it’s safe to swim. A new ...

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Apex Clean Energy plans to build dozens of wind turbines across the Great Lakes states -- including Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois – to take ...

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Caption: BY ANGELICA A. MORRISON / Fish caught in the Niagara River August 2016, Credit: BY ANGELICA A. MORRISON / Fish caught in the Niagara River August 2016
An environmental group in Western New York is trying to help area refugees and others learn about the danger of eating contaminated fish from the G...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
EcoReport is a weekly program providing independent media coverage of environmental and ecological issues with a focus on local, state and regional...

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This week on Minnesota Native News: the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe gathers support from across Minnesota and beyond to protect water and land.

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Caption: Draken Harald Harfagre, Credit: courtesy of Draken Harald Harfagre
The replica Viking ship Draken Harald Hårfagre has sailed out of the Great Lakes, wrapping up a summer visit marred by a dispute over pilots fees. ...

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Caption: Diver prepares to head into waters of Lake Huron, Credit: Ben Thorp
Scientists are trying to figure out how Earth developed an atmosphere rich in oxygen. The answer to this billion-year-old mystery may lie in an unl...

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This month marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s visit to Buffalo New York -- a day that helped clean up waterways across the...

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