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Caption: Sax titan John Coltrane
In this hour, it's the life and legend of John Coltrane—from his rural North Carolina roots to his place as one of jazz's most spiritual men and mu...

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Caption: Nina Simone, the "High Priestess of Soul"
In this hour, it's the life and music of Nina Simone—from her roots as a gospel and classical musician to her place as one of jazz's fiercest voice...

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Caption: Bud Brown with his trumpazoo and washboard, Credit: Mary Quintas
Bud Brown is known for singing Iris DeMent's "Let the Mystery Be". A few years ago, his relationship to the song changed: Bud's wife became termin...

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Caption: Bryson Alexander playing one of his compositions, Credit: Mary Quintas
Bryson Alexander is a Contemporary Classical music composer. At 16 years old, he’s composed nearly 40 pieces...all without knowing how to read or ...

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Caption: Sheila Hayes, holding two of 208 babies that she fostered.
This is a radio documentary - my first radio project - that I produced in 2011. It tells the story of my grandmother in Ireland, who fostered over ...

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Daily routines can become monotonous, but when dealing with mental illness these tasks can feel insurmountable. Student producer Alanna Duncan take...

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  • Length: 02:19
Caption: Journalist, author and filmmaker Sebastian Junger, Credit: John Russell
Journalist, author and filmmaker Sebastian Junger, who’s traveled to some of the most dangerous places on earth, reflects on the art of storytellin...

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"A silk dress with a bamboo crinoline hangs upside down over a lake in the center of a former power station. The dress' reflection, distorted by a ...

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Two hospice workers invite us into the world of death and dying.

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In early 2010, Elaine McGillicuddy lost her husband to bone cancer. Elaine has created her own grieving process rooted in daily rituals. She is e...

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My son and I, after many years, were reunited at his home in Mendocino, CA

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Jazz Master Dave Brubeck on US Jazz Ambassadors of the 1950s

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Her fifth year in the competition, Supreme says this piece is about a longing for home (Chicago) and feeling displaced after heading off to college...

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This is the group piece (4 poets) performed in-studio by WordPlay, which was a team finalist in the 2008 Louder Than a Bomb Competition. They desc...

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Remembrance of a friend and learning about Japanese funeral rites

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Activist poet discusses his work.

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Story of a man who must end a loving marriage when he comes to terms with his homosexuality.

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Morning Stories, Show Three expands on and samples from WGBH's popular Morning Stories podcasts, which contain stories from everyday people about a...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
The influence of my childhood experience with college on my current desire for a degree.

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What happens after an industry collapses?

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  • Length: 18:14
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A cold, rainy, winter night in Los Angeles and a friend comes over late to see you. There's something she needs to talk about. You give her a gla...

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  • Added: Jan 12, 2007
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While the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was an enormous victory, for a time it also meant more hardship for some African Americans in the South. Charmi...

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  • Added: Dec 28, 2006
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When Nikki became a mother of two at the age of seventeen she promised to leave her life of drugs and crime behind. It was a promise she couldn't k...

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  • Added: Nov 28, 2006
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Mainstay New Orleans drummer/producer/teacher - a personal story of hurricane parties, performing at Jazzfest, teaching, and evacuating New Orleans...

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  • Added: Jul 13, 2006
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In this 25th episode of Memoir Cafe, women write about reacting to the events around them.

  • Added: Apr 14, 2006
  • Length: 30:33