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We have three feeds for different needs.

  • PRX - One staff pick per day that you'll (hopefully) like.
  • PRX_On_Air - See what stations are buying in real time.
  • PRX New Pieces - Notifies you each time a new piece is added to PRX and links to that piece.


You can subscribe to RSS feeds with RSS readers like Google Reader, Bloglines or Netvibes. Copy and paste the RSS link into the reader, and voilà! Free home delivery.

  • New Pieces
    As pieces get added to PRX they will show up in this list, so you'll always know when the newest content is available.
  • Recently Purchased
    Curious about what stations and outside purchasers are buying? Then be sure to add this one to your feed.
  • Most Listened To
    See which pieces are generating the most buzz among the PRX community each week.
  • Upcoming Events
    Need a piece for a holiday or special event? Get great ideas delivered to you year-round with this feed from PRX's editorial staff.
  • Curated Playlists
    Playlists created around a theme; think the economy, health care, immigration, and tons of other current issues from PRX's editorial staff and independent curators.
  • Recently Updated Playlists
    See when any playlists, whether created by our staff or community (including you if you have a login), are updated.

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