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Review of William F. Buckley Interview

In this pas de deux Lydon and Buckley gracefully step on each other's toes..... Lydon’s imaginative and analytic approach to history yields questions that are met by Buckley's inability to indulge speculation. Lydon invites Buckley to look at Bush from the perspective of Cold War-era-Regan and the Wallstreet/oil culture of Rockefeller --but Buckley won't budge: "We're asking questions that can't be answered for the very simple reason that there was no counterpart to the situation in Iraq." Their conflicting sensibilities and evaluation of history makes this piece effectively discordant. In this interview what isn't said is as impressive and revealing as what IS said. Lydon and Buckley's exploration of Bush, the GOP and US foreign policy is gratifying and thought-provoking. Broadcast this now through Election Day. This would also be a wonderful companion for Lydon's interview with Norman Mailer.