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Review of Nick: Home School to High School

Could someone please get the word out: when offering a piece on PRX that has previously appeared on another program please cut out the original host lead-in for the piece. This is soooo annoying and the 30-seconds it would take the producer to cut this out will save each individual licensor for doing the same.

That said, this is a typical Richman piece: brilliant. It's an audio diary from a teenage boy that makes the transition from home schooling to public schools. The piece is slow to reveal itself, but the young man's observations are worth the wait.

The boy's teen angst is a common experience, which is both a plus and minus to the piece. Though amplified by his shyness and unfamiliarity with public schools, almost anyone who has suffered through their teens can relate to Nick's feelings of alienation and being a square peg. While this commonality with register with many listeners, so will the desire to see the piece explore a little uncharted territory. While far from predictable, the piece did not contain as many unexpected moments as a listener may expect from this series.

The piece's most powerful moments where the "audio yearbook" Nick kept at the end of the year. This section felt rushed and it would have been nice to wrap the piece with a few more of these anecdotes from Nick's new friends.