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Review of Hard to Say

This is an amazing, sweet, and touching piece of radio. It is so well produced, containing many tiny surprises, reveling moments, and unexpected soft turns to the story.

This is a self-narrated story of how an elderly gentleman, named Ed Werler, met his second wife and cares for her now that she suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Ed is humble and tender, telling his story directly, yet with a bit of shyness. The production is impeccable, demonstrating the courage and confidence to let the story unfold naturally without giving away its best bits too early or getting too sentimental.

Though it may seem odd, it is probably best for stations not to set-up or introduce this piece as an "Alzheimer’s story"--that gives away too much of the story and sells short its potential. Play this as an unexpected bit of spice around Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, or just about any time a story of true love would make the world seem a little less crazy.