Piece Comment

Review of 10 minutes telling you all you need to know about caveats, intel reports and finding the truth!

This piece reminds me of short wave radio broadcasts: freeform, personal, loose, unpredictable, and a little intense and preachy.

This is a straight opinion piece, no context. Often directly addressing his absent subjects (Mr. Cheney, President Bush, Richard Clarke, and so on), this is one person's rolling political commentary. There is not a clear idea how a general audience might benefit from listening.

It's difficult to tell how this piece would be useful to stations. There are some production and technical issues (there are mic plosives about every ten or fifteen seconds). Further, it is packaged as a ten-minute program (though the length is actually 11:40), which is a difficult length for many stations to accommodate. The host tends to rush his delivery, so it is sometimes difficult to understand what he is saying (the web site he mentions three times is almost impossible to pick up).

If the producer is interested in distributing their work, a better format might be to take their thoughts and restructure them as a 3-4 minute political commentary rather than an independent program.