Piece Comment

Review of Crossing the River Lethe

At first, the voicing of this commentary felt a little wooden and staid. However, as the story unfolds, the listener finds himself or herself pulled in to the story. The voice discretely reveals a loving, emotional tone and the listener is hooked. The piece is sweet, sentimental, and poignant without even a trickle of melodrama or sappiness. The piece offers a touching portrait of a woman coming to terms with her mother's illness and her own journey into the keeper of her mother’s memories.

Some of the sound effects and music are especially effective, but a few could be cut down and/or eliminated all together (the counting dance steps audio could be kept at bed level, brought up for just a second or two, then brought back down--without diminishing the piece).

Our station used this piece on Mother's Day, but it would be appropriate for just about any time. This is an example of what sets public radio commentary apart: smart writing, effective delivery, and a catalyst for lingering thoughts and emotions.