Piece Comment

Review of What's Left is Not Who We Are

This is a short piece about a captain who performs at-sea interments of ashes. It's a bit long to fit into a cutaway in the newsmagazines, but could be used as a refreshing addition to a longer program.

In the piece, the captain offers anecdotes of a few memorable interments, including some of her own personal reflections on death and burial. The structure of the piece is loose and it would be better to focus on just one anecdote rather than two (plus several tangential reflections). The clearer direction would make a deeper impression on the listener.

There is music that comes up occasionally under the narration that is not necessary. It's timidly inserted and doesn't establish a necessary presence. There is music at the end of the piece that is either not phased correctly or not balanced properly (it can only be clearly heard out of the right channel).