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Review of Amanda from New York: Girlfriend

This piece is an audio diary from Amanda, a seventeen-year-old bisexual from Brooklyn, detailing her life and relationship with Dawn, a girl she's been dating for two years. Her parents try to be open, but definitely do not approve (or completely buy into the idea) of Amanda's stated sexuality. Amanda says the disconnection from her parents doesn't bother her, but it obviously does. Though she identifies herself as a "bisexual" early in the piece, as her story goes on (and she becomes more adamant, she seems to focus her thoughts solely on her attraction to women).

Listening to this diary is an odd experience. It provides intimate insight into Amanda's life and the conflict with her parents, but stops short of any type of conclusion, transitional moment, or resolution. It is as if a window into Amanda's life is randomly opened, then quickly closed. While the piece feels so real, a listener could be confused as to the purpose of the piece or what they should make of it.

In programming discussing gay rights, gay (or even straight) teen culture, or nontraditional relationships, this piece can put a human voice to issues that tend to get lost in loud rhetoric and heated debate. However, if a station wants to use this piece, they need to be prepared to provide the missing sense of closure and context.