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Review of My Bi-(Partisan) Boyfriend**

This is a sharp piece. Crisp, witty writing that evokes a lot of imagery. The humor is smart and original (a rarity for political humor) and plays with stereotype without becoming stereotypical.

However, speaking of playing to type...the "our side" references mentioned by another reviewer are a bit troubling, because it could be exclusionary (but not to the point that someone would be offended or not enjoy the piece). It's hard to tell if the writer refers to "our side" as in "her and the listener" (assuming the listener is liberal--a dangerous assumption) or as in (the less troubling) "her and her friends." This is very easy to fix, either by changing the references to "my side" or offering some parameters for what "our side" means early in the piece.

The pacing is a bit fast, and the breathy delivery seems a little forced at times, which makes it feel less personal/conversational and more like a comedy performance. The music bed under the last minute isn't necessary and doesn't feel purposeful, but it isn't distracting or bothersome at all.

Almost any station can use this piece, especially between now and the fall election. It would be a fun and refreshing addition to what, inevitably, will be a long, nasty, and monotonous election season.