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Story Review

Lilly, my Bichon Frisé, is a bombastic little one. She will whine and whine until my attention is hers. She is controlling. Sometimes I wonder what other people’s relationships with their pets are like. First Pet is a relatable radio story about producer Shawn Neuwirth’s dog, Juniper. Shawn lets listeners in on the observations he has made about Juniper, and how his sibling-like relationship with her has grown.
Before listening to the piece, I was expecting to hear a crazy story about a pet doing some fantastic, unexpected thing. And while First Pet doesn’t have anything too surprising, it does reinforce the idea that pets are family members as well.
The piece is laid back with subtle humor. “It only took seconds before their cotton guts covered the floor in white horror,” Shawn calmly said, describing the stuffed animals Juniper would tear up.
The length of the story feels just right. The gentle music with percussion and flutes worked well sustaining the tone of the piece. Shawn’s narration is clear and focused. First pet is a charming and sweet story with dry humor. For those who aren’t, you may consider becoming a pet owner. Pets have a way of bringing joy to the day. Now if my dog would just stop barking...